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Cubic Expandable Modular Automatic Watch Winder with 14 Different TPD Settings

Accuratic Cubic Expandable Modular Watch Winder. Modern design easy to program control board with LCD display will allow you to select and save the most suitable program for your automatic watch. - 14 different TPD (Turns Per Day) settings 600 to 2160 by 120 TPD increments. - Rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alternates in between. - Japanese Mabuchi motor. - Belt-less gearbox - Memory option. - Aluminum case. - LCD display panel. - Electric & battery operation. - Spongy rubber multi size watch holder.

Replacement Motor For Watch Winders will fit most watch winders

This Motor will work with different brand watch winders if you took the motor out of your watch winder if it looks the same or screw holes are similar it will fit your watch winder.
$20.00 $15.00